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GEISS Solution: Take our 5-axis of which we delivered over 650 machines proving their superior performance. Enclosures, filtering systems, chip conveyors and chip extractors are used as per customers request.


GEISS Solution: Ultrasonic cutting When compared to conventional methods, ultrasonic cutting offers substantial benefits. The cutting forces are reduced by abt. 75 % and the productivity of the cutting process is greatly increased. Unlike trimming it produces neither swarf nor noise and unlike laser cutting there are no burnt edges or flue gases. When compared to water jet cutting, there is no moisture penetration of the material. Yet above all, in terms of cost, it is an alternative to laser and water jet cutting.
Applications include trimming of PVC floor tiles via weakening of slush skins up to cutting of invisible airbags.


GEISS Solution: Cutting by using ultrasound-impinged blades for weakening invisible airbags in instrument panels. The skin of these airbags is incised on the back of the dashboard so that in the event of a crash it will deploy at exactly the right place. The cutting line will not be visible on the front side. Over 65 of these systems are in use in the automotive industry.


GEISS Solution:

We use special sonotrodes as used in the aircraft industry for cutting honeycomb- and Composite materials.